Wellness Bingo Activity Challenge

Wellness Challenge Bingo January 18th to January 29th

ETOBICOKE – Our fitness and recreation teams have launched a new Wellness Bingo Challenge for those in the Humber community who are interested in improving their personal health and wellness this year.  Just because everyone is staying at home right now, it doesn’t mean that we can’t remain active and connected.

This wellness challenge starts on Monday, January 18th and runs through Friday, January 29th.  Pre-registration is not required, and participants can join the challenge at any point over the course of the next twelve days.

The purpose of this program is to have participants complete a number of movements or activities that connect to one of the five main aspects of wellness including:  physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health and track their own progress on the official Wellness Challenge Bingo Card.  Combining multiple activities or challenges is permitted. 

Participants are encouraged to move and then take time to reflect on how the types of activities or connections that have positively affected their health over the term of the challenge.  Although we encourage everyone to participate in this program, simply for the health and wellness benefits, only current students who are following at least one of our social media accounts and submit a completed bingo card with at least 3 photos are eligible for prizing.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

·         Draw - from all current students who submit a completed card & at least 3 photos completing challenges by email

·         Selection – current student with the most creative photo or activity (ie. use of technology, virtual landmark or group photo, etc.) submitted

·         Selection – current student with the most unique photo or activity (ie. activity modification, activity with a pet, etc.) submitted


For others who wish to share photos of their activities throughout the challenge, please email them to campusrec@humber.ca with the subject line “WELLNESS BINGO” and we’ll share them on our social media pages anonymously.  This may encourage others to get involved.

We also hope that you’ll share this challenge with others in the Humber and Guelph-Humber community.  Let’s get moving!