These activities are only available to full-time students, staff & faculty of Humber College
.  Regardless of skill level or playing experience, these programs are designed to give participants an opportunity to learn and play various sports and network with other participants.  The focus of these programs is on participation, fair play & spirit.  Some activities may be altered to suit those with physical or mental disabilities.


  • Daytime Programming (Mon. - Fri., 9:00am - 4:15pm)
  • Co-Ed Participation for all programs, Pre-Registration Required
  • Team & Individual Registrations Accepted
  • Indoor Activities All Year
  • Year-End Banquet
    • Participants in teams will play a series of games to decide an overall winner, usually 3-10 weeks in length.
    • Games are scheduled based on team & facility availability, usually 1-3 games per week per team.
    • Fall 2017 Leagues: Basketball and Indoor Soccer

Intramural Leagues:

How to Join Intramural Leagues: 

  1. Print off and/or go down to the Athletic Office and pick up an entry form.
  2. To enter, complete the entry form and return it, along with your performance bond or entry fee, if required, to the Athletic office before the activity closing date.
  3. All teams must have a captain or representative.
  4. The captain or representative must be present at the Activity Organizational Meeting. If not, your team will not be entered and you will forfeit your performance bond or entry fee.
  5. At the meeting, the rules, format, etc. will be discussed. A date will be set for when schedules will be available and when the play is to begin.


  • Mandatory Captain’s Meeting: Captains will be contacted by e-mail.

For Schedule and Standings, please visit our Facebook page or contact us at: