Arnaldo Castaneda
Arnaldo Castaneda
Title: Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor
canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist
Crossfit Level 1
14+ Years of Experience
Dance, endurance training, power lifting and obstacle course racing.
What I love most about my job:
Love that I can help others achieve their goals. Make them realize 
that fitness is not about having a six pack but feeling good in your skin. Focusing on self care or 
fitness of the soul. In sum, I love helping others being the best version of themselves that they 
can be.
How I keep a healthy lifestyle:
I keep a healthy lifestyle by eating balanced and in moderation. I workout regularly by doing Strength training and intense cardio
workouts most days of the week while complementing it with active recovery days or full rest days. The sports I play are Crossfit 
and long distance obstacle course racing. What truly makes me happy is spending time with my 
family. And who am I kidding, eating that ice cream on those cheat days!