Women’s Extramural Basketball


Most Valuable Player - Lexis Lancaster

Rookie of the Year - Abigail Zalewski

Best Defensive Player - Paige McGowan

Extramural Rookie Athlete of the Year

Abigail Zalewski

Extramural Athlete of the Year

Lexis Lancaster

Jim Bialek Award of Distinction

Ruth Holland

Lexis Lancaster

Team of the Year

Women's Basketball

Coaching Award of Excellence

Dylan Walters



Most Valuable Player - Adeva Brown

Most Valuable Player - Ruth Holland

Most Dedicated Player - Avon Duah-Amankwah

 Award of Distinction

Adeva Brown

Anna-Kay Hyatt



Most Valuable Player - Ruth Holland

Most Improved Player - Paige McGowan

Coaches' Pick - Adeve Brown

 Extramural Rookie of the Year

Ruth Holland

Award of Distinction

Kelsey Waters



Most Valuable Player – Shan Wilson

Rookie of the Year – Julie Frey

Most Dedicated Player – Lexis Lancaster

 Award of Distinction

Sarah Allen



Most Valuable Player – Anna-Kay Hyatt

Most Improved Player – Fatima Camara

Most Dedicated Player – Chikara Walker