Where Are They Now - Dale Essue

Where Are They Now - Dale Essue

ETOBICOKE – Experiential learning helped propel former athlete and student employee, Dale Essue, into the collegiate coaching spotlight.

Essue entered the Recreation and Leisure Services program at Humber in 2006 and was a standout player on the men’s rugby team.  His time spent within the athletics facility allowed him to meet many people who would have an impact on his future.

In 2007, he was selected to represent his team as a member of the Student Athletics Association, a group of student advisors who planned team building activities and events for athletes and other student employees, as well as promoting varsity games and recreational tournaments to the general college community.  This group of active leaders helped to build the foundation of the Hawk Family and Hawks Nation that still exist today.

Essue completed an internship in the Athletics Department, more specifically in Campus Recreation, in 2008 where he acted as a Program Assistant and as an Intramural Official.  During the time of his internship, Essue gained hands on experience in officiating, office operations and tournament hosting.  “It gives you real life experience that you will take into any career after school,” he said about his placement.  He was also able to utilize the skills developed during the previous year working with the SAA. 

Essue not only worked in recreation, but also participated in intramural sports including volleyball, floor hockey and indoor soccer with classmates.  He still remembers the laughs shared and the fun had, helping him to break away from the regular classroom routine.  Having the opportunity to build friendships with students outside of his program, through sport participation, was also a valuable experience.

Essue was then hired as a Recreation Coordinator at Humber’s Lakeshore Campus where he supported the hosting of the annual Lakeshore Athletics banquet.  Helping the staff team in coordinating the large-scale event is one of his greatest accomplishments during his time at Humber.  Presenting awards to deserving students and fostering their ongoing camaraderie is one of his fondest work memories.

Following his graduation in 2009, Essue worked in marketing and also became a customer care agent for FedEx, allowing him to gain more work experience.  With a wide range of knowledge, and a previous relationship with Humber’s Athletics Department, Essue was invited to join the Women’s Rugby coaching staff in a supporting role.  Essue is now in his eighth season as a coach with Humber’s Women’s Rugby Program, having taken over the lead role in 2014.  The team continues to grow and thrive under his leadership.

Essue has continued to advance his career in supply chain efficiency, and remains active in the local rugby community, even playing from time to time.  He and his wife, Caila, were recently married, and the couple’s 9-year-old daughter, Ryann, also enjoys spending time on the rugby sidelines.