OCR Gaming - The Future of Virtual Sport

OCR Gaming - The Future of Virtual Sport


Ontario Collegiate Recreation (OCR) is pleased to launch their first competitive Gaming League as part of their RecPlay programming for the Fall of 2020.

With the move from in-person sport and recreation to a virtual and online context, OCR knew that a pivot was required in order to provide student-athletes with valuable and engaging participation opportunities. OCR Gaming was created to provide an avenue for meaningful competition and engagement across campuses and demographics. By hosting a virtual program we are able to reach new audiences, reduce the feeling of social isolation and provide hands-on learning opportunities and jobs for students.

Matthew Schnarr, OCAA VP Campus Recreation, has been one of the leads on the Gaming project and is thrilled to have it officially launched. "As the OCAA and OCR navigate our current climate, there couldn't be a more opportune time to venture into the world of gaming and eSports. The OCAA and OCR are excited to announce our first-ever gaming tournament. The OCR has set out a two-year vision with the intent of moving towards a RECCup championship in the Winter of 2022."

The eSports and online Gaming industry has seen steady growth in popularity across the world and within the post-secondary landscape over the past two to three years. OCR is looking forward to supporting this outlet for sport engagement and to see it grow throughout the years to come.

OCR RecPlay Gaming will open for registration on Monday, Sept. 21 and will close on Thursday, Oct. 8. Brackets will be release on Oct. 9 and league play will begin the week of Oct. 16. The league will feature the increasingly popular NBA 2K20 on PS4 and XBOX ONE platforms. To register for the league, students are asked to connect with their respective Athletics & Recreation Department who will facilitate and approve their participation.

Source: OCR Communications