Where Are They Now - Doug Menage

Doug Menage dodgeball team photo

Etobicoke - Former student employee and recreational athlete, Doug Menage, is making the most of his past experiences in Campus Recreation by using his transferrable skills in other aspects of life.

Menage started at Humber College in 2011 as a student in the Sport Management Program.  In his first year of classes, the Port Elgin native participated in a number of recreational sport programs in the Humber Campus Recreation Department, and never looked back.  In his three years, Menage played intramural ball hockey, extramural dodgeball, extramural indoor soccer and enjoyed one of the horseback riding adventure trips.

The positive learning experiences gained from the various programs include learning how to adapt to various situations, effective communication, and relationship-building.  He was also able to feel more connected to the school by wearing the navy and gold and representing Humber at off-campus events like extramural sport tournaments.  He enjoyed the competition and camaraderie, especially when facing athletes from the Lakeshore campus.  “The adrenaline rush from the games is still extremely memorable.  The matches were always so close,” he recalls.  The dodgeball team, was named the Extramural Team of the Year in 2013.

In his second year on campus, Menage joined the Campus Recreation Staff Team as an Events Assistant and Intramural Official.  He began helping to host some of the tournaments and programs that he had participated in during his first year.  He also took on the leadership role of being a player-coach for the dodgeball program and a coach for the indoor soccer program.  Learning skills like tournament operations, conflict management, professionalism and coaching has had a positive effect on his transition into the workforce.

After graduating from the Sport Management Program in 2014, Menage’s career path took a detour away from the sports industry.  As he was unable to find suitable employment in his field, or in an area that he wanted to make a living, Menage decided to use his transferrable skills gained from working in Campus Recreation to secure employment as a Panel Operator at Superheat.  The company remotely operates heating systems that bakes steel for welders and industrial pipes all over the world.  He continues to learn and grow through many sport and non-sport opportunities.

His advice for any incoming students is to get involved, because meeting people who may influence your future is never a bad thing.  He also emphasizes to new athletes or staff that sports are not always about winning, but about the friendships and memories created along the way that matter.

Menage is married and has two children and two dogs, and recently purchased his childhood home.  Since leaving Humber, he has continued to play dodgeball, pick up soccer, slow-pitch and golf, and was able to take his family on a trip to Disney World. In the future, he hopes to secure long-term work that allows him to experience more of the world as well as the opportunity to stay involved in sport and recreation within his community.  Menage also hopes to give back to the Humber programs that gave him such amazing experiences while he was a student.