Lakeshore Feature - Keia Blake

Keia Blake Awards Banquet photo

Etobicoke - Keia is currently in her fourth year of Humber’s Bachelors of Digital Communications. Her goal for 2021 is to get healthy both mentally and physically. 

Her favourite food is her mothers curry chicken and truly believes that the blue freezie is great everyday of the week. She also loves Fall/early Spring because it is the best for fashion and sweater weather, plus it’s just beautiful. Keia’s favourite show is Killing Eve and her all time favourite athlete is Fred Vanfleet. 

When asked about extramurals Keia said, “Extramurals are something I’m definitely missing, it brought a new sports family to me and was a great outlet. It brought amazing unique experiences and connected me with people and communities I could never imagine. It also is a great way to do sports with full commitment but not the extreme commitment to Varsity.”

Keia’s plays extramural dodgeball and her favourite memory from Humber Lakeshore Athletics is at the tournament Lakeshore hosts every year one year she “made the easiest catch and slammed the ball down and got really hyped. Coach Vic was cracking up on the sideline great times.”

Keia’s “biggest tip is to be involved in the school in a way you can whether that’s attending events or becoming a part of the student union. I wish I was more a part of the school community but the community that was built through extramural def held up. Also use your health benefits and the resources the school offers like the mental health support and all that, you’re paying for them and they’re extremely useful might as well use em!”

Keia Blake extramural photo Keia Blake playing dodgeball photo of Keia Blake