Humber Lakeshore Powerlifting- Seneca Markham Meet

Humber Lakeshore Powerlifting- Seneca Markham Meet

            The Humber Lakeshore powerlifting team recently competed in their extramural lifting meet at Seneca-Markham campus on the weekend of February 10th and 11th. Our athletes were able to represent our campus with class, sportsmanship, and comradery by supporting each other just as they’ve done all year long. Congratulations team!

Powerlifting consists of three main lifts: the squat, deadlift, and bench press. That’s the basis for powerlifting as a sport but so much more goes into preparation for competition day. Our athletes have to put in countless hours at the gym to improve their lifts by perfecting their form, doing accessory exercises, and learning new ways to stretch and recover from their training sessions.

The hard work that our team put in paid off, as the team had a strong showing at the meet and came in 3rd as the Strongest School. All lifters have three attempts at each lift to show their strength and test their limits. Many of our lifters were able to perform personal bests for their lifts.

A special congratulations to Sarah Lam for winning Best Squat at 280 pounds, Best Deadlift at 315 pounds, and Best Female Lifter overall!

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