Adventure Program - Indoor Rock Climbing

Whether you're an experienced or beginner climber, we invite you to join us for indoor rock climbing in a fun, social & safe environment at Boulderz Climbing Centre. Boulderz offers many different top-rope & bouldering walls at various levels if difficulty.  Participants will be encouraged to challenge their own limits with regards to balance, strength & endurance.  This session will help individuals stay fit & healthy while interacting with fellow students. 


Event Date:  TBA

Time:  TBA

Location:  Boulderz Climbing, Toronto

Registration: TBA

Fee:  $20+HST per person, per climb


  • Experienced instructors

  • 2 hour lesson on proper climbing, tying-in & belaying techniques 

  • 1.5 hours of free climbing time

  • Harness & footwear rental included

  • Transportation & snacks provided

  • Maximum 12 participants per trip, first-come first-served

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