Adventure Program - Archery Tag

Whether you have tried any form of archery before or a beginner, we encourage you to come out for a night of Archery tag! Campus Recreation has partnered up with the Recreation & Leisure program to bring you a new Adventure Program. Students will be taught the beginner level archery skills and learn techniques before getting into game-mode. In the arena, you will play different games; from timed events to a form of dodgeball. You will leave the arena with new skills and a good workout! 

Event Date: TBA

Time:  TBA

Location:  Archers Arena

Registration: TBA

Fee:  $30+HST per person


  • Equipment Rental included

  • Maximum 12 participants, first come-first served

  • Transportation and snacks included

  •  Participants are asked to wear gym attire.   

  • Proceeds go to the Recreation & Leisure program's fundraiser

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