Humber College dominates the competition in Women's Basketball Tournament

Humber College dominates the competition in Women's Basketball Tournament
Photo: Isaac Sauder

With an undefeated streak of 5-0, the Humber College Women's Basketball team soared at their first home tournament of the season. 

The Humber team started off strong in their first round robin game with Seneca.  Solid passing and incredible defense led to Humber leading 30-3 in the first half. 

However, the game started to fall apart in the second half with sloppy plays and poor communication on both sides. 

Yet a solid hustle by Ruth Holland and Adeva Brown led the Humber team to victory with a dominant final score of 52-7. 

Although they earned the win, the Humber team was looking to improve their performance in their second game with Wilfrid Laurier Brantford (WLU Brantford). 

Once again, the Humber team began the game with a strong performance by playing an aggressive game and communicating effectively. 

These solid plays frustrated WLU, leading to a much more physical game with both teams receiving numerous fouls throughout. 

By the second half, the Humber team started getting fatigued allowing WLU to score seven baskets combined in the third and fourth quarter. 

Alongside Avon Duah-AmanKwah and Brittney Patterson, Adeva Brown picked up the Humber teams' slack and led them to a solid win over WLU with a final score of 45-21. 

After earning a victory over WLU with a score of 40-35, Seneca hoped to get a measure of revenge against Humber in their second round game. 

Yet it didn't look like that would be the case for the Seneca team as a wicked three pointer scored in the first few minutes of the game by Ruth Holland signified the type of performance the newly packed crowd would be seeing from the Humber team.

The Humber team's chemistry was on point as their solid passing and defensive plays gave Seneca very few chances to score. 

Amazing layups by Lexis Lancaster and Paige McGowan kept the Seneca team frustrated and led the Humber team to a dominant victory with the final score being 55-12. 

After such a well-played game against Seneca, it was time for Humber to face WLU in the second round.  

However, WLU wasn't going to go down so easy and with fatigue from their last game kicking in, Humber started the game off a little sloppy. 

With aggressive plays by WLU and poor communication by the Humber team, it looked as though the Humber team's undefeated streak was coming to an end.  

Yet by the second quarter, the stands at Humber College started filling up and the energy from the crowd lit a fire under the Humber team to do better. 

It especially lit a fire under Nada Hassan who performed the best defensive play of the tournament. 

 Hassan was dribbling the ball when it was stolen from her by a WLU player.  When the WLU player went to shoot a basket, Hassan slapped the ball out of the air so hard; the crowd was on their feet. 

A number of strong plays from McGowan, Brown and Patterson followed and a final score of 39-31 gave the Humber team another victory, ensuring them a spot in the final game. 

After a hard-fought game by Seneca, WLU earned the victory with a final score of 42-39. 

This meant that WLU had one last shot at redemption against the Humber team. 

However, redemption just wasn't in the cards for WLU who just couldn't overcome the aggressive Humber team. 

With a rowdy crowd on their side, Humber's game was on point in the finals with incredible offensive plays and defensive action. 

It was a strong game for all the Humber players but especially Holland who scored a total of 19 points for her team. 

Although it was a solid effort by WLU, they just couldn't capture that same magic they had in the previous two games they played thus losing to Humber with a final score of 51-17. 

A huge congratulations goes out to all of those involved in the OCR Women's Basketball Tournament but especially the champions, Humber College.

By: Brandon Vierra

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