Humber North Men's Basketball team claw their way to victory and win the championship at Home Tournament

Photo of the 2017-2018 Men's Extramural Basketball team posing with a Championship Banner
Photo: Isaac Sauder


In what was a nail biting tournament, Humber North were crowned the OCR Champions at the Humber North Men's Extramural Basketball Tournament for the second year in a row. 

Humber North kicked off their first game against Boreal with incredible teamwork as Trevon Mollison and Salum Saady worked together to score the first few baskets of the game. 

There wasn't a single Humber player who wasn't bringing their A-game as they left Boreal fumbling in the second quarter with a strong lead of 32-11. 

By the fourth quarter the team was riled up with excitement, knowing they were definite contenders for the championship after a dominant 57-25 victory over Boreal. 

Humber received very little rest after their win as they had to face Mohawk College just a few minutes after their first game. 

That did not stop the Humber North's fire as Saady, Albert Daniels and Tariq Bansfield started off the game strong with beautiful layups and free throws in the first quarter. 

Humber continued to dominate, and left Mohawk frazzled by the second quarter, leaving them with no choice but to call a timeout and regroup. 

That timeout didn't help Mohawk as Humber continued to play well defensively, blocking all shots the Mohawk team tried to muster.  Beautiful baskets by Saady and O'Neil Sam Williams clinched a solid victory for Humber North with a final score of 62-20. 

The Humber North fire started to dwindle after the team had a few hours to rest.  Humber North entered their third game against long-time rivals, George Brown College.

The game started off very competitive and aggressive as George Brown prevented Humber from performing any offensive plays. 

Despite having a crowd of George Brown players surrounding him, Shae Phillips, managed to get a nice layup. 

It seemed as though Phillips inspired his team as some of his fellow teammates would follow him and score a number of incredible baskets including an awesome dunk by Mollison and a nice three pointer by Mark Palacpac. 

After a few brief altercations between Humber North and George Brown, Humber's victory was secured with a score of 52-32. 

The long battle with George Brown left Humber North exhausted but they had to step up because they had their final round robin game against Seneca York. 

Yet it was clear that Humber North was tired and they couldn't find that same fire they had early on. 

Although Gordon Marshall did his best to score a few baskets in the last two quarters, but Humber North just couldn't beat Seneca York's aggressive plays.   

A 4-0 record would not come to fruition as Humber North lost their last round robin game 52-40. 

With a few games left for other teams in the round robin, the crowd waited to see if their home team had any chance of being in the finals. 

Despite not having a perfect record, Humber North remained one of the top three teams in their division and since they had the highest number of points overall, they advanced to the finals. 

The pressure was on for Humber North to perform well in front of the home crowd and shake off their loss from the last game.

It didn't start off well for Humber North as Seneca Newnham took the early lead but that lead would be short lived thanks to baskets from Saady and Philips. 

Humber North captured the magic and teamwork they once had and started getting basket after basket in the second and third quarter. 

It looked as though Seneca Newnham might catch up but Humber North played a smart defensive game in the last quarter and secured the victory with a score of 47-35. 

A huge congratulations goes out to the entire Humber North Men's Basketball team for becoming two time champions at the home tournament! 

By: Brandon Vieira


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