Welcome to Campus Recreation at Humber North!

Welcome to Campus Recreation at Humber North!

by: Eugenio Garro

Campus Recreation at Humber College north campus would like to welcome everyone back for another year and also invite you to join your peers for some competition throughout the semester.

Humber north campus recreation has a various amount of activities to participate in each and every day during the school year whether it is just for fun or some friendly competition.
You have the opportunity of joining an intramural sports league, participating in adventure programs or social nights, and even participate in Extramurals, which allows you to compete against other colleges through various tournaments.
Intramural sports are available to full-time students, staff and faculty no matter what your skill level may be. It’s an opportunity to get out and try new things while networking with other students.

Here are the Intramural sports available:

Indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, floor hockey, and indoor cricket.

Campus Recreation also gives students the chance to compete in tournaments as a team along with challenges on an individual level against other students. There is also an opportunity to participate in skills and drills where you have the chance to learn about sports.
If you are a competitive athlete and want to compete against other Colleges, Extramurals is for you. Not exactly as competitive as varsity, but if you want a taste of what college sports are like, then Extramurals is where you would like to be.

Extramural sports teams consist of 1-2 practices a week with experienced coaches and competitive teammates who all attend tryouts. Some teams are co-ed like volleyball, Indoor Soccer, Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee. Cricket, Basketball and Hockey are offered with both a male and female team.

Extramural sports available include:

Ice Hockey, Basketball, Indoor Cricket, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Indoor Soccer and Volleyball.

For more information about events, tryouts and team information, the campus recreation office is located at Humber North Campus or simply follow “Humber North Rec” on Instagram and Twitter.