This is a 1-semester league that is offered in both the fall semester & the winter semester. Games are played 6 on 6, with regular rotation. (This is not reverse 6’s.) The first team to win 2 sets will be declared the winner. Sets 1 & 2 are capped at 27 points and set 3 is capped at 17 points. Required equipment is provided. Scores & attendance are kept for all games.

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Game Days

Fall Semester Leagues: Monday - Friday; 

Winter Semester Leagues: Monday-Friday; 

Game Times: Between 9am & 5pm Monday-Friday 

LocationHumber North Gymnasium

Maximum Teams: 16

Maximum Participants per Team: 15



  • $40 refundable performance bond (per team) due at time of registration. 
  • Teams forfeiting a single game will lose half of their performance bond ($20). 
  • Teams forfeiting two games in a single season will lose the remainder of their performance bond ($20) & be removed from further competition in that league. 
  • Teams with disciplinary action taken against them will also lose their performance bond based on the severity of the discipline.


Important Dates


Registration: Mon. Aug. 12-Tues. Sept. 24

Captain’s Pick Up*: Wed. Sep. 25 & Thurs. Sep. 26 9:00am-6:00pm, A131


Registration: Mon. Dec. 16- Tues. Jan. 21

Captain’s Pick Up*: Wed. Jan. 22 & Thurs. Jan. 23 9:00am-6:00pm, A131

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