North Campus Intramural Drop In Shinny (Ice Hockey)

This is a 1 semester drop in "league", and will take place in the fall semester & the winter semester this year. Pre-registration is only required during the 5-week league play (November & March), otherwise, ice time is open for drop ins.

These shinny "games" are played 5 on 5 (plus goalies) on a regulation ice surface. Games include three 15-minute run-time periods and are scheduled in 60-minute intervals (resurfacing & warm up).  Only league games are officiated, but staff will be on site to handle any disputes & to provide first-aid if necessary.

Each player will be provided with a team jersey to wear during the evening, but must return it at the end of each night.  Shirts are then washed & provided to different players during the next week of play. 

All regulation hockey equipment (including shoulder pads, neck guards & approved helmets with full cages) must be supplied and worn by participants. Team scores & attendance are kept for all games.  Individual statistics are not recorded.

League-end awards are provided to the top individuals, based on points earned (1 pt per weekly participation, 1 pt for each game won, 1 pt for each penalty free game).  Individual goals/assists are not recorded and do not add to any players' indvidual point total.


Game Days: Sunday Nights

Schedule Exceptions: Shinny will not be scheduled on long weekends or during academic breaks.

Game Times: 9pm-10pm

Location: Westwood Arena (90 Woodbine Downs Blvd. Etobicoke, ON M9W 5S6)

Maximum Participants Per Night: 22 Skaters / 2 Goalies

Fees:  Free!     

Rules & Discipline:  Individuals acting in such a manner which is dangerous or detrimental to safe/fair play will be removed from further play.  Further disciplinary action may be taken against such individuals.  Please be respectful of the rules & safety precautions put in place.


League Play Winter Dates

Sunday, March 1st         Open Drop In Shinny (Full Gear - Points Collected Week 1)

Sunday, March 8th        Open Drop In Shinny (Full Gear - Points Collected Week 2)

Sunday, March 15th       Open Drop In Shinny (Full Gear - Points Collected Week 3)

Sunday, March 22nd      Open Drop In Sinny (Full Gear - Points Collected Week 4)

Sunday, March 29th       Open Drop In Shinny (Full Gear - Points Collected Week 5 - Awards Night)


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