This is a 1-semester league that is offered in the winter semester only. Games are played 4 on 4 (plus goalies) within a single gymnasium. The team scoring more goals within the time limit of the contest will be declared the winner. Games include three 10-minute run-time periods and are scheduled in 50-minute intervals (including set up, warm up and tear down). Required equipment (including goggles, sticks, balls, nets & goalie equipment) is provided. Students may use their own approved road hockey goalie equipment, hockey gloves or athletic goggles during play. Personal sticks are not permitted. Scores & attendance are kept for all games.

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Game Days: Monday-Friday

Game Times: Between 9:00am & 5:00pm

Location: Humber North Gymnasium

Maximum Teams: 16

Maximum Participants per Team: 15



  • $40 refundable performance bond (per team) due at time of registration. 
  • Teams forfeiting a single game will lose half of their performance bond ($20). 
  • Teams forfeiting two games in a single season will lose the remainder of their performance bond ($20) & be removed from further competition in that league. 
  • Teams with disciplinary action taken against them will also lose their performance bond based on the severity of the discipline.


Important Dates


Registration: Mon. Dec. 16- Tues. Jan. 21

Captain’s Pick Up*: Wed. Jan. 22 & Thurs. Jan. 23 9:00am-6:00pm, A131

* Specifics about league play, special rules, & other important information will be given out during this time. The team captain (or designate) must pick up the team information package on one of the set dates. Teams not picking up their information will not be scheduled into the league and will lose 50% of the team’s performance bond. It is the responsibility of the captain (or designate) to distribute the information to their team members.

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